Difference Between Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Plastic [Notes & PDF]

The main difference between Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Plastic are Thermoplastic can be melted repeatedly and Thermosetting Plastic once shaped can not be melted.

Today we will be studying the differences between Thermoplastic and Thermosetting plastic in detail. And also you can download PDF at the end of the articles.

Here I have listed more than 10 points.

Before moving further in detail lets have an overview of Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Plastic first,


It is a plastic that can be melted repetitively and make another shape is called Thermoplastic.

Thermosetting plastic:

It is a hard plastic that can not be melted repetitively once shaped is known as Thermosetting plastic.

Difference Between Thermoplastic and Thermosetting plastic
Difference Between Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Plastic

Difference Between Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Plastic:

Sl No.ThermoplasticThermosetting Plastic
1.Thermoplastic can be reshaped and reused.Thermosetting Plastic can not be reshaped.
2.Thermoplastic is soft, weak and less brittle.This is hard and strong plastics.
3.Thermoplastics are solvent in organic compounds.But it is not. It is insolvent.
4.Thermoplastic is a long-chain linear.It is a 3-D Structure.
5.It can be reclaimed for wastes.It can not be reclaimed.
6.When we heating Thermoplastic, It becomes soften.It does not soften while heating.
7.Thermoplastic can be melted repetitively.Once shaped can not be melted repetitively.
8.An example of thermoplastic is Polythene. An example of thermosetting Plastic is Bakelite.
9.It is formed by the addition of polymerization.Thermosetting Plastic is formed by condensation polymerization.
10.This is expensive.This is not expensive comparatively Thermoplastic.
11.It deforms at high temperatures.It can not be deformed at high temperatures.
12.Here plasticity increases with temperature.But Here thermosetting plastic, plasticity does not increase with temperature.
13.It is processed by Injection molding.Thermosetting plastic is processed by Compression molding.
14.Some other examples are PVC, Nylon.Plaskon is another example of thermosetting Plastics.
Thermoplastic vs Thermosetting Plastics

So here we studied 14 points. Let me know Have you understood or not? with the use of the comment box.

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Thank you for valuable time for reading I hope you learned something new today.

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