3 Reasons Why Engineering is Essential to the Mining Industry

It’s impossible for the mining industry to be the powerful economic force that it is without engineering experts. Engineering experts make it easy for the mining industry to optimize workflow and deliver stellar results day in and day out.

It’s hard to imagine the mining industry without the innovative and genius work of engineers. To fully understand how essential engineering is to the mining industry, do read on.

Engineering is Essential to the Mining Industry

The Australian Mining Industry:

The mining industry greatly helps in keeping the Australian economy afloat and thriving. It contributes a massive average of $202 billion to the country’s economy on a yearly basis. Australia was able to wade through the harsh economic effects of the pandemic with the help of the mining industry. The mining industry was not affected by the pandemic.

Western Australia even recorded a huge increase in sales amidst all the local and global lockdowns. This is made possible through the genius of engineering experts. Through savvy engineering protocols, no daily production and operation was delayed – engineering components and equipment were widely utilized 24/7.

Engineers duly adjusted to the modern needs of the mining industry. As there is now more open-pit mining than underground mining, engineers have successfully provided new equipment and tools to allow for efficient workflow and operation. To know more, read the following main reasons why the engineering industry is essential to the mining industry:

Reason #1: Component Needs

There is no particular market that can cater to the unique and highly particular needs of the mining industry. No particular shops can provide special components for heavy equipment that the mining industry needs.

This is where the expertise of engineers comes in. Engineers can create highly customized and particular components for the efficient and smooth use of heavy equipment. No particular shops can even offer the unique heavy equipment needs of the mining industry. Hence, it’s always up to engineers to create customized heavy equipment for smooth operation and workflow. Engineers provide the following:

  • Dragline excavators – essential during surface mining
  • High wall miners – allows for continuous mining without the need for personal entry
  • Bucket-wheel excavators – a massive digging machine that allows for streamlined and simplified surface mining
  • Wheel-tractor scrapers – allow for easy and controlled earthmoving. It loads and carries materials with optimum ease
  • Loader – superb heavy equipment for easy transfer of massive materials

Engineers also provide highly customized blast holes, pumps, pins, bolts, and drilling pipes that are carefully measured and crafted to match different mining projects with varied surfaces and mined materials.

Unlike other industries, mining companies can’t simply go to a random shop to buy equipment and missing components. They always need to work closely with engineers to get what they precisely need. 

Reason #2: Repairs

Engineers repair everything that gets damaged or broken in mining projects. This task is crucial because mining workflows are highly sensitive to changes. One wrong calculation and adjustment can make or break a project.

One wrongly placed component or equipment can easily endanger many lives. This is why only engineering experts can duly take on the repair and rebuilding of broken components and malfunctioning heavy equipment.

Only the precise and accurate measurements and calculations of engineers can secure that all mining equipment, components, and tasks go well. It’s only with the help of expert engineers that mining companies can be at peace and always feel assured that all safety protocols are in place.

Repair is very crucial because heavy equipment is highly expensive. It’s best to have one repaired if it can still be salvaged instead of having to buy brand new equipment that will cost a lot. Working with expert engineers that specialize in heavy equipment repair is always more financially sound.

Engineers can also duly replace missing components to allow for repair or rebuilding of damaged heavy equipment and can precisely and accurately measure equipment to come up with perfect components that can keep a machine from malfunctioning. Engineers can even come up with better components that can improve the overall performance of heavy equipment.

The amount of money that mining companies get to save whenever they choose repairing over purchasing is massive. Sticking to this practice allows the mining industry to easily boost the Australian economy. The engineering industry serves as the backbone of this highly advantageous economic practice.

Reason #3: Maintenance

Engineers provide stellar equipment maintenance to mining companies. For smooth daily operation, it is highly important that all mining equipment and tools are regularly optimized and certified safe by engineers. This is something that only a qualifiedand experienced maintenance engineering company like Bendtech Group can duly execute.

Maintenance engineering companies ensure the safety and efficiency of all used mining tools and heavy equipment. They have a definitive list of factors and dynamics that can check and ensure the safe and excellent performance of mining tools and heavy equipment.

Such a task should only be undertaken by qualified engineers that duly know the importance of workflow and operation safety in the mining industry.

Maintenance engineering companies do the following:

  • Troubleshooting – application of a highly skilled and systematic approach in evaluating the performance and safety of mining tools and heavy equipment
  • Inspection – secures that all mining tools and heavy equipment are fit for daily operation
  • Regular service – secures that all mining tools and heavy equipment are in top shape despite daily wear and tear

Regular maintenance also secures the possibility of reselling mining tools and heavy equipment. Much financial gain can still be had by selling faithfully maintained mining tools and heavy equipment.

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Er. Amrit Kumar

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