Difference Between Forging and Casting [Notes & PDF]

Hello, reader In this article we will study the difference between Forging and Casting [Notes and PDF] In detail.

First we will study definition of Forging and Casting Process.

What is Forging?

  • Forging is a Mechanical process in which we heat the metals to optimum temperature and after that applying external force onto it to get the required shaper and size.
  • Some operations are performed through machines and some are by manual.
  • The forged material has high strength compared to casting process material.

What is Casting?

  • Casting is a process in which molten metals are poured into the die or mold and leave it for cooling to get harden shape.
  • In the Casting process, the prototypes are already made. Just we have to pour the molten metal into the required empty space for making the new required component.
  • It is similar to forging but there is a difference which will study below.

Difference between Forging and Casting:

Sl. NoForgingCasting
1.A forging components response is better when performing a heat-treatment process.Casting response is non-uniform Heat treatment.
2.It refines the grain structure of the casted ingots.It does not have neither strength nor grain flow.
3.In this, the production rate is higher because machine utility is more.The production rate is low in casting as compared to forging.
4.The forged parts are less costly and it is reliable.The casted parts are more costly comparatively.
5.The forged parts are free from porosity and die holes. ButCasting always suffers from porosity.
6.In forging, the forged parts are having great strength.Casting does not have strength comparatively as much as have forged.
7.The process can be automatic.The casting process are a semi-automatic process.
8.The complex parts are not easy.Complex parts are easier for casting.
9.The performance rate is high.Low-performance rate.
10.Forging does not work above the material melting temperature.It works above melting temperature.
Forging vs Casting
Difference between forging and Casting

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