Difference Between Pump and Compressor [Notes & PDF]

The pump and compressor is a mechanical component. In this article we will study differences between Pump and Compressor [Notes with PDF] in detail.

Before moving to our main topic we will see definition of these two first,

What is Pump?

  • A Pump is a device used for transferring the liquid to another place from one place.
  • For example In Hydro Plant the water from the head pond to the turbine blade, Pump is used for moving the fluid.
  • The pump is basically used in hydraulic machines to lift the water from the ground surface to the topmost position.

There are two types of Pump:

  1. Positive Displacement Pump and
  2. Dynamic Pump

What is Compressor?

  • Compressor is also a mechanical component in which the compressed gases are stored and supply when needed.
  • From Compressor we supply compressed gases to vehicles like motorcycle, 4 wheeler and so on.

Different types of Compressor are:

  1. Axial Compressor.
  2. Centrifugal Compressor.
  3. Rotary Screw Compressor.
  4. Reciprocating Air Compressor.

Difference between Pump and Compressor:

Pump is a mechanical device which is used for transferring the liquid and gases from one place to another place.Compressor is also a mechanical device used for storing the compressed gases and releases whenever needed.
The pressure of energy increases at higher heights.But there the pressure of energy increases by compressing gases.
In Pump, there is no change in the volume at the inlet to outlet.But here In Compressor, there is a change in the volume at the inlet to outlet.
A pump is used for transferring liquid like water, oil, and so on.But the compressor is used for transferring only gases.
There is not having storage here. Pump only transfers.The compressor has storage and it stores the Compressed gases.
A pump is used to increase the pressure of the incompressible fluid.A Compressor is used to increase the pressure of the compressible fluid.
When it comes to the price, the pump price is less.But the compressor price is more comparatively Pump.
The pump is used in domestic places like Home, Machine, Lifting water, and so on.Whereas the compressor also work at domestic place only like supplying the compressed air into Motorcycle wheel, Bicycle wheel and othrs.
A pump is governed by the suction head and Delivery head.A compressor is governed a compression ratio, The compressor ratio is output pressure to input pressure.
In Pump the kinetic energy increases of the fluid which further increases the pressure energy.But in compressor by pressuring in smaller volume it Increases the potential energy.
There is no such compression ratio here.The compression ratio is always more than one.
Pump vs Compressor
Pump vs Compressor

So here we studied the difference between Pump and Compressor. Let me what other topics you are looking for? Till then thank you and we will meet in other articles again.

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