Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machine [Notes & PDF]

A milling machine is a production machine. A milling machine is used for making gear. I have explained Milling Machine in very detail do check out if you want.

I have listed more than 10 points on the differences between the Horizontal and Vertical Milling machines below.

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Difference between Horizontal Milling Machine and Vertical Milling Machine:

The main differences between the Horizontal Milling machine and the Vertical milling machine are the cutter is mounted on an arbor in the Horizontal milling machine and the cutter is mounted directly on the spindle in the vertical milling machine.

Let us study in-depth.

Sl. NoHorizontal Milling MachineVertical Milling Machine
1.A cutter is mounted on the arbor.Here instead of an arbor, the cutter is mounted directly on the spindle.
2.In the Horizontal Milling machine, a cutter is fixed not moving up and down.But in Vertical Milling Machine the cutter moves up and down.
3.The spindle is horizontal and parallel to the work table.The spindle is vertical and is perpendicular to the worktable.
4.The spindle can not be tilted in this machine so angular cutting operation is not possible.Here spindle can be tilted so angular cutting operation is possible.
5.The operation like
Plain, Gear, Straddle, Gang Milling operations are performed.
The operation like
T slot, angular, Flat, Slot Milling operations are performed.
6.The price of the machine is high.The price of this machine is low.
7.Chances of getting a poor surface finish are not possible.we can get a poor surface finish here.
8.Heavier in weight.less heavy in weight compared to the horizontal machines.
9.The working capacity is high.The working capacity of this machine is low.
10.Tool life is longer.Tool life is no longer.
11.Machines require a larger area.Machines require a Smaller area.
Horizontal vs Vertical Milling Machine

This is a picture of a Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machine.

difference between horizontal milling machine and vertical milling machine
Vertical milling machine vs Horizontal milling machine

This is 11 points on differences or comparisons between them. Let me know if you understood or not with the use of the comment box. And also if you want more topics please comment down below.

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