Difference Between Drum Brake and Disc Brake [Notes & PDF]

The main difference Between Drum Brake and Disc Brake is Drum Brake less efficient and when we stop the engine it takes more time but disc brake is more efficient and when we stop it stops fast as compared to the drum brake.

Today we will study the Difference Between Drum Brake and Disc Brake. I have listed for you almost 20 points difference to understand you simple and understandable words.

Before moving to differences lets have an overview of Drum brake and Disc brake first,

A brake is a mechanical component and used for stopping the engine by applying pressure to the wheels within a very short distance.

Let’s know the definition,

Drum Brake:

It is a brake that uses friction caused by a set of shoes or pads and that press outward against a rotating cylinder-shaped part called a brake drum. This brake is used in buses, scooters and other vehicle systems.

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Disc Brake:

It is a modern type of brake that uses the calipers to squeeze pairs of pads against a disc or “rotor” to create friction.

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Difference Between Drum Brake and Disc Brake

Difference Between Drum Brake and Disc Brake:

I have listed 20 Points on differences between Drum brake and Disc brake. These are the following:

Sl No.Drum BrakeDisc Brake
1.The drum brake uses a cylindrical drum.A disc brake uses disc-shaped rotors.
2.A drum brake is available at a cheaper price as compared to Disc brake.But it is available at a costlier price.
3. It is used for trucks, buses, scooters. It is used for modern bikes or cars.
4.It is slow braking.It is fast and instant braking.
5.Slower heat dissipation. Faster heat dissipation.
6.At high temperatures, the performance is reduced.Here at a high temperature, the performance is not reduced. Good braking even at high temperatures.
7.The drum brake uses an expanding hydraulic cylinder to press the frictional material against the inside of a rotating drum.A disc brake uses a clamp called calipers to hold the friction pads against the rotor disc.
8.Drum brake has a complex design.The design of the disc brake is easy.
9.Low ventilation property.Better ventilation property as compared to drum brake.
10.A drum brake is almost 20 to 30 percent more than disc brake weight.The disc brake has a low weight.
11.Drum brake having poor anti-fade characteristics. Disc brake having better anti-fade characteristics.
12.Here changing or replacing frictional pads is difficult.But Here changing or replacing frictional pads is not difficult. It is easy to change.
13.In drum brake Non-uniform wear of frictional force.Disc brae has Uniform wear of frictional forces between pad and disc.
14.A drum brake is self-locking.A disc brake is never self-locking.
15.The drum brake maintenance cost is less.The maintenance cost is more.
16.Drum brake operated mechanically.But Dis brake operated mechanically and ABS technology and others too.
17.This is less efficient and when we stop the engine it takes more time butHere the disc brake is more efficient and when we stop it stops fast as compared to the drum brake.
18.Drum brake inspection is difficult.Disc Brake inspection is easy.
19.Here no fluid is used in the brake system so there is no maintenance.In Disc brake, fluid is used so maintenance is there. When vehicle use after a long time we must check the fluid of disc brake.
20.The torque transmitting time is less in drum brake but incase ofDisc brake the torque transmitting time is high.
Drum Brake vs Disc Brake

So here you have studied 20 points of Drum brake vs Disc brake. With the use of the comment box let me know if you understand or not?

I have also attached here the PDF link so you can easily download PDF.

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