Difference Between Lathe Machine and Drilling Machine [Notes & PDF]

Today we are going to study the difference between the Lathe machine and Drilling machine. The best parts are I have explained in very detail and understandable words.

Let me introduce you first to both machines.

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Let’s start,

Lathe Machine:

A Lathe machine is a production machine tool in which we use to perform operations like facing, Turning, Grooving, Knurling, and threading with the use of a single-point cutting tool.

Here you can read Lathe Machine in very detailed.

Drilling Machine:

A drilling machine is also a production machine but we use these machines for holes in the workpiece with the use of drill bit tools.

Here you can read Drilling Machine in detailed.


The main differences between the lathe machine and the Drilling machine are In lathe machine several operations we perform but in the drilling machine only a few operations we perform.

I have listed 10 points below:

Difference Between Lathe Machine and Drilling Machine with PDF
Difference Between Lathe Machine and Drilling Machine with PDF

Difference Between Lathe Machine and Drilling Machine:

I have listed 10 points on the differences between Lathe and Drilling Machine:

Sl No.Lathe MachineDrilling Machine
1.Lathe Machine is called as the “mother of all Machine”. Lathe Machine performs more operations than the drilling machine.Drilling Machines can perform less operation as compared to the Drilling machine.
2.Floor Size: Lathe require a greater floor size as compared to the drilling machineFloor Size: Drilling machine as compared to the lathe machine requires less Floor area.
3.Portability: Lathe is very less portable as compared to the Drilling machine because the drilling machine can be taken to the place of the job(workpiece).Portability: Drilling machines are more portable than Lathe Machine. For example, a portable drilling machine can be carried easily to the place of the job(workpiece).
4.Drilling Operation: When the drilling operation is performed on the lathe the drilling Tool is stationary and the workpiece rotates.Drilling Operation: When the drilling operation is being done with the drilling machine the drill bit moves and the tool is held stationary.
5.Lathe machine can perform operations like turning, facing and taper turning, threading which cannot be performed by drilling Machines.Drilling Machines cannot perform operations like turning, facing and taper turning.
6.Lathe machine are costly.Drilling machines are less costly.
7.A highly skilled worker required here to operate a Lathe machine.Here semi-skilled workers can work on the Drilling machine.
8.Rigid in construction.Simple in construction.
9.Power consumption is more.Power consumption is less in the drilling machine.
10. Lathe machine is used for operations like turning, taper turning, Eccentric Turning, reaming, threading, knurling and many other operations. Drilling Machine is used for performing operations like drilling, boring, tapping, countersinking, tapping, Polishing and others.
Lathe Machine vs Drilling Machine

Here I have explained in detailed.

10 Points to understand the comparison between them.

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Question and answers:

What is the main difference between Lathe Machine and Drilling Machine?

1. In the Lathe machine, the operation we perform is a more comparatively Drilling Machine.
2. Lathe Machine is Rigid in construction and Drilling Machine is simple in construction.

What is a lathe machine used for?

Lathe Machine is used for making several components which are:
pump part,
electric motor parts,
Aircraft parts,
gun barrels,
train parts.

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