Types of Drilling Machine [Notes with PDF]

Drilling Machine is one of the most important machines in manufacturing for drilling the workpiece smoothly. So There are different types of drilling machines for different operations.

In this article, we will study Types of Drilling Machine and at the end of the article, you can download the whole document in PDF Format.

So let’s start with the Drilling Machine Types,

Drilling Machine Types:

Various types of drilling machine are as follows:

  • Portable Drilling Machine
  • Sensitive Drilling Machine
  • Upright or Column Drill Machine
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Gang Drilling
  • Multi-Spindle Drilling
  • Vertical Turret Type Drilling
  • Automatic Drilling Machine
  • Deep hole Drilling
  • Turret Drilling
  • Automatics Drilling Machine.

Now we will discuss the type of drilling Machine in detail:

Portable Drilling Machine:

Portable Drilling Machine is the type of machine which consists of a small electric Motor which gives power for rotation of the drill bit. Hand Drill is the best example of the portable hand Drill.

Portable Machine is most helpful in the case where the job cannot be taken to the workshop due to their large size or weight so in such cases Portable drilling machines are best as they can be taken to the job(workpiece) and drilling can be done there itself.

Thus, it saves a lot of time and prevents the transportation costs.

Types of Drilling Machine
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Sensitive Drilling Machine:

A sensitive Drilling machine is a machine that is hand-fed and operates on the principle of rack and pinion drive.

This is a light and simple bench-type machine used for light-duty work. In this, the drill head is counterbalanced and fed through a hand lever system.

The operator puts the force on the drill bit by manual rotation of the wheel, thus creating a hole on the workpiece.

Types of Drilling Machine
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Upright or Column Drilling Machine:

Upright or column drill is similar to the sensitive drill machine the only difference is that the power feeding mechanism is used for the rotation of the drill.

This machine is mostly suited for heavy work. The size of work that can be accommodated is limited by the distance between the spindle and column.

These machines mostly have a box type column and are mostly used for heavier work.

Types of Drilling Machine
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Radial Drilling Machine:

A radial drill machine is the most advanced form of the drill machine. It is the most versatile drill machine. Best suited for drilling a large number of holes.

Radial drill machine has a single-spindle machine intended for handling large and heavy work which is beyond the capacity of the simple machine.

It consists of a vertical column with a radial arm that can swing through an arc of 180 degrees or more.

The drilling head is equipped with a power feed. The drilling head may be moved along the arm by hand or power on gear and the track arrangement.

The hole is being drilled on the job by following the below steps:

i) The arm is raised or lowered as per the requirement and the drill head is positioned and locked on the arm.

ii) The arm is locked in that position then the spindle speed and the feed are adjusted and then the depth is set.

iii) The drill will then feed down and return when the proper depth is achieved.

  • To get the proper angular cut the drilling head is provided with a swiveling arrangement
  • Spindle speed available is from 20 rpm to 1600 rpm and feed on 0.05 to 3mm per revolution are available.
  • They require very little maintenance and it can serve the slow speed operations like reaming, tapping, etc.
Types of Drilling Machine
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Gang Drilling Machine:

Gang Drilling Machines of two or more dill heads mounted on the same table. These can run simultaneously or in sequence. The number of spindles that can be mounted is unlimited but mostly four spindles are used.

It is most useful in the case when multiple operations are to be performed such as drilling, counterboring, reaming, etc. for drilling holes of several different sizes.

Application: Machines are used for the straight line, multiple hole drilling applications as in the pipe, channels, castings, plates, and angle.

Types of Drilling Machine
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Multi-spindle Drilling Machine:

A multi-spindle drill Machine is developed for the purpose of drilling several holes simultaneously.

These machines are mostly used for larger production work where it is required to drill many parts with such accuracy that all the parts are interchangeable.

For drilling closely spaced holes, some of the holes are drilled first by a set of spindles then the job is repositioned and other sets of closely-spaced holes are then drilled by another set of spindles.

 The special type of multi-spindle is the way-type. This type of machine is used in the case where several holes in the different planes are to be drilled.

Types of Drilling Machine
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Vertical turret type drilling Machine:

Vertical turret type drill machine consists of a turret which houses various tool such as drill, ream, spot-face, counterbore, tap in any desired sequence.

The various spindles on this turret can be indexed manually or automatically. The spindles drive only after they come to the drilling position.

Automatic Drilling Machine

An automatic drill machine is used mostly in the places of higher Production work.

They consist of a number of unit heads with single or multiple spindles in angular, vertical or horizontal positions on various combinations on a special case.

Each station is also provided with an indexing table and work holding fixtures.

Types of Drilling Machine
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Deep-hole Drilling Machine:

Deep hole Drilling Machine are used for drilling such holes whose length exceeds three times the drill size.

The special features of the Deep Drill Machine are:

  • Robust design.
  • Extreme shot setup time.
  • Good quality of production.
  • High-speed operation.
  • Versatility: The various example of this class are riffle barrels, long Spindles, Connecting Rods, and certain oil well drilling equipment.

So This is all about Types of Drilling Machine. Here you can read Drilling Machine Parts, and Operation.

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